The Greater Norristown Corporation is a non-profit organization whose primary focus is to improve the civic, social, and economic welfare of the Greater Norristown area within Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. We work with township, county, and state officials and we lend support to various civic and municipal improvement projects, economic, commercial, industrial, and residential development project, and the rehabilitation and revitalization of areas affected by urban decline.

Our influence comes from our high-quality members. We have representatives from local and county governments, developers and realtors, and across many different industries. With our impressive membership and the individual influence and knowledge they each bring to the group, we collectively partake in a variety of projects, in planning, coordinating, and supporting capacities.

Create an impact by supporting community projects

The Greater Norristown Corporation doesn’t just bring influential members of the community together to share information, but also supports other organizations and participates in other community projects that could ultimately influence Norristown.

We are a nonpartisan and nonsectarian organization and take no part in the election or appointment of specific candidates for political office. The Corporation observes all local, state and federal laws which apply to non-profit organizations as defined in Section 501(c)4 of the Internal Revenue Code.